In Bali, the most widely spoken language is Bahasa Indonesia. For many travelers, it is not enough to see the local sights; they want to learn Bahasa Indonesia too! Thankfully, Bahasa Indonesia is very easy language to pick up. Best of all, there are great learning centers that offer Bahasa Indonesia classes all over the island. If you are bent on learning the language and conversing with the locals, consider enrolling in a course at one of these language centers:

Jembatan Bahasa

Jembatan Bahasa is a language school based in Canggu. Founder Made Soma is passionate about teaching Indonesian to foreigners as a way to bridge cultures. He has also taught English to Indonesians so knows that every student is different and learning a language is an ever evolving process.

Jembatan Bahasa offers intensive courses as well as long-term options for families settling in Bali for some time. Check out their website for all the group and private lesson schedules and prices.

Cinta Bahasa

Cinta Bahasa is one of the most popular language schools in Bali. In fact, there are Cinta Bahasa schools in Sanur, Ubud, and Canggu. The learning center offers a range of classes taught by certified language teachers. Unlike other language institutes, Cinta Bahasa offers conversational Bahasa Indonesia.

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The Bahasa Indonesia class is available for small groups and one-on-one private lessons. If you’d rather attend the class on your own, Cinta Bahasa’s language teacher will come to your villa or hotel to conduct the class, pretty convenient! And just in case you want to take your classes online, you can also sign up for an online class!

Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF)

IALF is one of the most established language schools in Bali, opening way back in 1989. The center has three schools located in Bali, Jakarta, and Sarubaya. IALF is committed to providing the best language training services in the country. The learning center offers a wide range of language programs, each one designed to meet the needs of its students.

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IALF’s Bahasa Indonesia program is the most popular among expats and students studying in Bali. The program is comprised of intensive and specialized courses including 40-minute training combined with 20 hours of cultural studies.

Seminyak Language School or SLS

Seminyak Language School or SLS offers a range of Indonesian courses, including Bahasa Indonesia language training. SLS’ ultimate goal is to help every student reach a certain level of fluency to communicate effectively and efficiently.

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SLS offers a special package course for tourists. The short-term course is designed for travelers who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia by immersing themselves in the local language. The class features about 75% conversational Bahasa Indonesia so you can express yourself in the local language in the most natural way. By the end of the class, you will receive a course certificate that specifies your level of achievement and the number of hours of attendance.

Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center

Located in Ubud, Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center is a well established language course on the island. The learning center offers private and group lessons where you can learn Bahasa Indonesia in a relaxed, fun environment.

Photo Credit: Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center

The private lesson is about an hour and a half and scheduling is flexible. The group lessons feature 4-weeks of an intensive course in Bahasa Indonesia.The class is about 2 hours long conducted every day. The center also offers shorter group lessons. Group lessons for children and adults are offered, and private lessons can be arranged at the library or at your preferred location.

French Alliance of Bali

The French Alliance of Bali offers accessible classes for learning Bahasa Indonesia. The school teaches the fundamentals of the language to help students express themselves in the local language more efficiently. Certified language teachers who are fluent in both English and French offer fun, engaging classes to help students in their progress.

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French Alliance of Bali’s learning module includes textbook Bahasa, which every student must complete 50 hours of attendance. The second level class expands knowledge in conversational Bahasa Indonesia.

Learning Indonesian

Learning Indonesian offers audio-based learning Bahasa Indonesia programs online. To sign up for the service, just enroll online via the learning center’s official website. After signing up, you will be presented with podcasts of comprehensive Bahasa Indonesia lessons that you can access anytime of the day!

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Learning Indonesian is designed to provide easy but high-quality Bahasa Indonesia training, providing online lessons to language learners around the world. Really, learning Bahasa has never been this convenient. You can download and listen to your lessons and pick up where you left off on the go!

Pick the Best Way for You to Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone enjoys learning differently so choose the best method for you. Whether you learn Bahasa Indonesia in a group, online or with a private tutor, it’s fulfilling and fun to do!