Bali tours to some of the island’s farms are a perfect excursion for the whole family. Get close to nature, discover exotic produce and learn about the local culture. Going on a farm tour in Bali is not just a fun way to learn about eco-tourism on the island, you are also helping local farmers! And who wouldn’t want that? If you are planning on going on a farm tour in Bali, here are our top recommendations:

The Organic Farm Bali

The Organic Farm Bali is owned and managed by entrepreneur Marjan van Ravenzwaaij. According to Marjan, she dropped her Amsterdam-based business 17 years ago and when visiting Bali and falling in love with the island and it’s people decided to build her “bucket list, villa on the beach” in Pantai Seseh.

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When visiting the farmland her gardener bought in the mountains. She completely fell in love with the stunning views and decided to make it her mission to help improving the lives of the farmers in this harsh environment and remote area. Apart from working with local farmers, Marjan promotes eco-tourism in Bali. Her farm is a producer of organically raised Western and Indonesian fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Organic Farm Bali offers 4 types of farm tour packages: The Village and Rice field day tour, the Seeds of Love day tour, the 1 day Farm and 1-day Surf tour package and Cooking classes. All of these tours are suitable for families with kids! Would you like to be part of a traditional farmer life for a couple of days? It’s possible to stay in a farmers home stay.

Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms is the largest producer of sustainable, all-organic products in Indonesia. The farm is comprised of over 14,000 small farmers who grow, harvest, process and manufacture a wide range of tropical food products, including coconut water, spices, medicinal herbs, fresh produce, and raw honey.

Big Tree Farms started out in 2003 as an independent organic farm and has since grown into the largest organic food company in the country. The farm offers livelihood to small farmers and placed Bali on the organic farming map thanks to its high quality, sustainable products. Big Tree Farms actively works with environmental groups to spread the word about eco-friendly practices in agriculture and promote sustainability.

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Apart from offering a host of quality products and helping local farmers, Big Tree Farms also offer tours at its Sustainable Chocolate Factory and Bamboo Cathedral. The one-hour group tour starts at 2pm every Monday to Friday. Private tours can be scheduled outside the usual tour dates and time.

Balinese Farm Cooking School

If you’ve always wanted to attend a Balinese cooking class and go on an organic farm tour at the same time, then we invite you to sign up for a class at the Balinese Farm Cooking School in Ubud. This great cooking school brings together the passion for cooking with organic farming in one inspiring cooking session.

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When you sign up, you will be taken to either the Tegallalang traditional market or Pujung traditional market early in the morning. You will buy ingredients in the market and then go back to the farm for a quick tour. The tour to the local farm starts with a complimentary drink and then a quick lesson on organic farming. Your instructor will explain how every ingredient is grown and how to crop them.

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After the tour, you will head to the cooking class and make Bali’s famous base gede spice mix using all the ingredients you picked up in the market. The final part of the tour/cooking lesson is, of course, tasting your finished dish with friends and family. Balinese Farm Cooking School offers regular and vegetarian cooking class. You can go for the day tour or opt for the stay a night and cooking class package.

Pande’s Farm

Pande’s farm is owned and operated by Made Agus, an indie farmer who manages a small plantation on Jalan Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring.   Pande’s Farm is a local producer of spices (ginger, turmeric, cloves), fresh fruits (orange, mangosteen), cocoa, and coffee. Made Agus established a farm tour after building his dream farm to educate guests about the importance of sustainable farming and eco-tourism.

Photo Credit: Pandes Farming

Made Agus usually conducts the farm tour. The tour includes an introduction to the farmers’ daily life, the classifications of plants in the farm, as well as an extensive explanation of planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops as Balinese farmers do. To book a tour, you’d have to call for a reservation beforehand. The 2-hour farm tour starts around 9am and ends with complimentary Bali coffee, ginger tea, local fruits, and cakes.

Photo Credit: Pandes Farming

Hatten Wines

Did you know that there are several vineyards in Bali and that you can go on a vineyard tour with the kids? Along the northern coast of Bali, between the towns of Seririt and Pemuteran, is a massive vineyard owned by Hatten Wines. Hatten Wines is one of the largest wine manufacturers on the island. The Hatten Wines’ 35 hectares vineyard is open for a tour and wine tasting.   Hatten Wines boasts evergreen vines that ensure year-round production of grapes in Bali.

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The tour starts with a quick walking tour of the vineyard. Your guide will show the various stages of growing the vine. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the vineyard’s souvenir boutique. The farm is open for tours every day from 10am to 4:30pm, except Sundays and Balinese holidays. The tour will include a lesson in wine making, grape picking, and a visit at Hatten Wines’ laboratory. The final stage of the tour is, of course, wine tasting!

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Sari Segara Silkworm Farm

Sibang Kaja, Br. Lateng, Abiansemal, Badung   If you are game for a rather unusual farm tour, then we invite you to check out the Sari Segara silkworm farm in Badung. Silkworms are hardworking little critters that create silk, which is then harvested and then turned into, you guessed it right, silk cloth!   Now, if you get queasy looking at worms then this might not be the best tour for you. But if you’ve no problem watching silkworms in their natural habitat, then a tour at Sari Segara farm will give you a peek into the production of silk cloth, how raw silk is harvested by hand, and how the raw material is treated and turned into supple cloth! Apart from the silk farm, Sari Segara has a beautiful mulberry garden where you and the rest of the family can relax and enjoy the fresh air. To know more about Sari Segara Silkworm farm’s tour, email at or call +62 361 2757900.

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Atlas Pearl Farm

Located in North Bali near Pemuteran, Atlas Pearl Farm is an eco-friendly pearl production farm that source high-quality South Sea pearls to the finest jewelry stores in the country.  Atlas Pearl Farm takes a green-minded approach to farming, harvesting pearls without disturbing the healthy eco-system of the oysters.

A tour at Atlas Pearl Farms provides an incredible insight into the beauty and biodiversity of Bali. The tour, which will set you back $10 per person (kids under 16 are free) also includes a unique souvenir!

Bali Strawberry

Bali Strawberry is a sprawling strawberry farm located in the mountainous region of Bedugul, Bali. The farm is one of the major producers of strawberries on the island. Thanks to the cool mountain air and rich soil, juicy strawberries thrive in the Bedugul region.

Photo Credit: Phine Mo

Featuring a panoramic view of the mountains, fresh air, and a relaxing atmosphere, the kids are bound to have fun picking fresh strawberries, enjoying the cool climate, and sampling the local desserts! Tour the farm, pick (and eat) fresh strawberries and enjoy the delicious treats on offer.

Visit a Farm on These Bali Tours

Learning about farming and cultivation methods in Bali is a great way to get out and see the countryside. You’ll also learn about the traditions and culture of the island’s people and probably get to try some fabulous local produce in the process. Don’t miss these farm tours!