Jimbaran Bay seafood is the best place to get seafood on the island of Bali. Dozens of seafood restaurants line the beach there from super-cheap to exclusive fine dining. So, if you are craving fresh seafood cooked just the way you like it, here are the best seafood restos in Jimbaran:

Menega Cafe

Menega has been one of the most popular beachfront cafes in Jimbaran for years. On the surface it looks just like all the other restaurants it’s sandwiched between, but it’s always got the biggest crowds year round. To get a good table here arrive before the busloads of tourists that swarm in around 5.30pm. Get your orders in early too because otherwise you could be in for a long wait!

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Pretty much everything is delicious here. The enormous prawns, spicy grilled snapper and clams drenched in a delicious garlic chili sauce are amazing! You’ll also get a great view of Jimbaran’s idyllic sunset from your table on the beach.

Kisik Bar and Grill

Located at Ayana resort and spa in Jimbaran Bay Bali, Kisik bar and restaurant offers two of our favorite things: fresh, delicious seafood and a sweeping view of the bay. Kisik bar and restaurant offers an array of freshly caught seafood including massive crabs, juicy oysters, and squid.

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A meal set at Kisik bar and restaurant includes two complimentary appetizers and your choice of seafood. Apart from seafood, the restaurant also offers meat and vegetarian options. To get the most out of the experience, we recommend dining al fresco for the best views!

Cuca Restaurant

Cuca is best known as a tapas restaurant but do not ignore the seafood! This restaurant is located near the Kayumanis Jimabaran resort and offers three different types of dining areas: a food bar, a traditional dining room area, and a garden lounge. It’s position in Jimbaran allows the chefs to choose the best of the days catches and offer massive prawns grilled to perfection, smoky squid and the seafood rice, which is a complete meal in itself. We also love the restaurant’s open kitchen, so you can see your meal being prepared from scratch while you wait!

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Sundara Bali

Sundara Bali doesn’t market itself as a seafood restaurant but it consistently tops the list as the best seafood restaurant in Jimbaran. Located inside the Four Seasons Resort, Sundara Bali brings together five-star dining with a relaxed, beach-club style atmosphere. The restaurant’s open kitchen and a semi-open dining area overlooks the resort’s insta-famous infinity pool.

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The menu at Sundara is pretty extensive, with a whole list of seafood options for brunch, lunch and sinner. We love the juicy sashimi and sushi as well as the delectable mussel stew. We also recommend getting the fresh oysters of the day or grilled octopus, which is cooked to perfection. You can also ask the waiter for recommendations on seafood and wine pairings.

Jimbaran Beach Club

If you want fresh, delectable seafood and a great view of Jimbaran Bay, we highly recommend dining at Jimbaran Beach Club at the Kupu Kupu Jimbaran Suites. Located smack-bang in the middle of Jimbaran Bay’s beachfront, Jimbaran Beach Club offers a contemporary dining area and a sunset lounge so you can chill out and watch the sunset while you graze on amazing seafood.

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Jimbaran Beach Club specializes in Mediterranean, Indonesian and Balinese cuisines. Perfect for honeymooners and families alike, the restaurant serves up a wide variety of seafood including fire baked seafood rice, fish fillet fusion, seafood platters, and seafood satay. We also love the juicy sautéed clams, grilled fish and baked fish with prawns. Apart from seafood, Jimbaran Beach Club is also popular for its green salads and pizzas!

Warung Nyoman

Located on Muaya Beach (often called Jl. Four Seasons) Warung Nyoman is an affordable seafood restaurant known for its simple, fresh, and of course, budget-friendly dishes. There are all sorts of freshly caught seafood offered at the restaurant and all dishes are prepared only once you order. You can choose from live lobsters, king prawns, massive crabs, and squid and have them grilled over hot coals. Some of the must-have items on the menu include the crabs with sweet soy sauce, the stewed fish, and the fried squid!

Photot Creidt: Trip Advisor

Lia Cafe

If you love seafood and a beautiful view without breaking the bank, then you will love Lia Cafe! Lia Cafe is located away from the strip of seafood restos frequented by tour buses of tourists, so is less crowded. The modest restaurant may not look impressive but wait until you get a taste of the seafood!

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Just like the other cafes you choose from tanks of seafood, and the chefs will whip up delicious dishes to order. Can we just say, the crabs and lobsters are massive! We also love the perfectly cooked tiger prawns, juicy squid, and plump scallops!

Akua Bali Restaurant

Akua is not just one of the best Jimbaran Bay Seafood restaurants, it is a lifestyle bar, beach club and restaurant all rolled into one! Inspired by the mesmerizing blue-green beaches of Bali, Akua is a Spanish restaurant that specializes in yummy tapas and of course, freshly caught seafood. The restaurant offers a casual dining experience with airy dining spaces with beautiful view of the bay.

Photo Credit: Akua Bali Restaurant

Each dish brings together traditional Spanish flavors with a Balinese twist! We love the Linguini with shrimp, the filling seafood paella, the juicy red snapper with sautéed potatoes and garlic and the buttered shrimps. Got room for desserts? We recommend the lemon tart and the Tiramisu a la Akua Bali!

These Jimbaran Bay Seafood Restaurants Won’t Disappoint!

If you love seafood as much as we do, you won’t want to miss out on these feasts from the sea. And what better place to eat delicious seafood than looking out to the natural beauty of the sea that supplied your tasty treats!