A vacation in Bali becomes infinitely better when spent with the whole family, but you want some downtime too. Good thing there are dozens of trusted babysitters and childcare experts all over Bali. Regardless if you’re a returning customer or you are hiring a babysitter for the first time, you’ll find that Balinese babysitters are very patient and loving even with rambunctious children. So we asked the Bali Kids Guide Community which Bali Nanny to hire for your holiday. Here’s our list:

Bali’s Best Babysitting

Bali’s Best Babysitting is an Australian-owned child services agency that offers professional babysitting and childcare. The agency is the only Australian-owned and managed babysitting service on the island. The founders of Bali’s Baby Sitting understand how hard it is to care for children and enjoy a vacation. That’s why Bali’s Best Babysitting developed a pool of professional nannies, each one with extensive experience working with western kiddies! With Bali’s Best Babysitting, your baby is in good hands! Bali’s Best Babysitting’s top priority is your child’s security, cleanliness and hygiene. This babysitting service specializes in baby care of children under 5 years old. If you’d like to give Bali’s Best Babysitting a try.

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Iluh Sundari

Iluh Sundari is one of the most highly recommended nannies by the BKG community and TripAdvisor alike. Iluh started as a nanny in 2008, specializing in caring for western children. As a mum herself, Iluh understands that very young kids can be quite a handful. That’s why she made it her mission to help parents enjoy their stay in beautiful Bali while caring for the kids. As a nanny, Iluh will follow your schedule set for the kids. She is an excellent swimmer so you have no problems in terms of safety while swimming on the beach or in the pool. Iluh is available for day outings and overnight stays with flexible hours. She is available if you are staying in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu or Sanur, as well as Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Ubud, but for these areas her travel costs will be covered by the client. You can contact Iluh via her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/iluhbabycare

Photo Credit: Iluh Sundari

Binti Sikana

Binti Sikana is a freelance babysitter that offers professional baby care services at very affordable prices in Bali. Binti has an extensive experience caring for western babies including tons of Aussie kids. Binti gets a lot of return clients because she is amazing with children. She offers flexible hours and reasonable rates. She can accompany the kids to any of the day tours you’ve set in advance and is also available for overnight stays. To contact Binti, you can shoot her a message via her Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/binti.sikana

Photo Credit: Binti Sikana

Komang Suciati

Komang Suciati is a self-employed babysitter that offers a hands-on approach to caring for the children. As a nanny, Komang has over a decade of experience and is very quick on her feet. She makes the perfect babysitter for active, playful children. It helps that Komang is an experienced swimmer, so the kids are safe when in the water. She also loves to talk long walks with the babies and has a really bubbly personality. Komang speaks fluent English and is first aid and CPR trained from BIMC hospital. To contact Komang, shoot her a message on her facebook page at: www.facebook.com/komang.suciati.7/

Photo Credit: Komang Suciati

Nova Retta

Nova Retta is a babysitter that provides compassionate child services to western infants and toddlers. Nova makes the perfect nanny for active kids because she is also energetic and quick on her feet. Of course, Nova is all about the safety and security of the kids so you know the children are in safe hands. Nova is a strong swimmer and is first aid trained. She speaks English fluently and is very patient with young children. Nova will also participate in any activities together with the kids including arts and craft, finger painting, and swimming. To book Nova’s babysitting services, contact her directly via her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NovaBalinanny

Photo Credit: Nova Retta

Wati Endang

Wati Endang is a seasoned nanny with 10 years of experience as a child service provider. Wait specializes in child care for newborn kids up to 12 years old. She also took several nanny training classes and a CPR course for safety. Wati Endang is an excellent swimmer. She speaks English and is committed to providing the best care for your children. Wati also gets a lot of return clients, some of which have been hiring Wati for years! To contact Wati for babysitting services, shoot her a message via her Facebook page : www.facebook.com/wati.endang.104/

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Wayan offers a compassionate, hands-on approach when it comes to caring for children. As a nanny, Wayan is all about keeping the kids entertained and happy so the parents can get the most out of their trip! Wayan prides herself for caring for children of any age, infant to teens. As one of the most in-demand babysitter for hire in Bali, we recommend booking Wayan well in advance. Her daily rate is Rp350,000 or about AUD $36 for 8 hours or Rp50,000 or AUD $5 per hour. For booking, email at balibestnanny@gmail.com.

Photo Credit: Bali Best Nanny


Elvy is a freelance babysitter for hire based in Denpasar, Bali. As a nanny, Elvy offers warm, loving care for infants, toddlers and older kids. She can accompany you on tours and entertain the kids with indoor or outdoor activities including arts and crafts, swimming, and dancing. She genuinely loves children and, according to all the great reviews, they love her right back! To contact Elvy, send her a message on her Facebook page here.

Photo Credit: Elvy


Narie is a professional nanny and babysitter for hire in Bali. She specializes in caring for children 2 months old and up. Narie has been a nanny and sitter for 7 years and is a mother of twin boys. She has a certificate in Life Support Training from the BIMC Hospital. Narie is a great swimmer with excellent English skills.

As a nanny, Narie offers a gentle and loving approach to children so the kids are drawn to her the minute she steps in to care for the children. She loves entertaining the kids with child-appropriate activities, including nature hunts, arts and crafts and other games. She will also keep on eye on your villa or hotel while you are away! To book Narie, go to www.professionalbalinanny.com.

Photo Credit: Professional Bali Nanny

Nita Nanny Service

Nita is a freelance nanny who can definitely keep up with very energetic kids. She has experience in infant, toddler and pre-teen care. She has no trouble looking after more than two children. Because she’s outgoing, Nita is comfortable playing games with the kids and/or joining various activities, including art making and swimming, to keep the kids safe. Nita loves working with toddlers and is very well spoken. Nita is also great swimmer!

If you’d like to book Nita for nanny services, you can shoot her a message via her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NitaNannyService

Photo Credit: Nita Nanny Service



Berta is a professional babysitter and a supermom who specializes in toddler care. As a mother herself, Berta understands how challenging it is to keep up with the little ones. That’s why she’s offering her services to help vacationing parents enjoy their little break!

Berta happens to be very popular among expats and tourists so we highly recommend booking in advance!

Photo Credit: Berta

Denny Wulansari


Denny has been a professional nanny and a babysitter for more than five years. She has extensive experience caring for infants and toddlers. She has a very caring, outgoing personality so kids just adore her!

Denny has gone through several safety courses including advanced first aid and CRP training at the BIMC hospital. She is also an excellent swimmer so she makes a great companion for little children on the beach. On top of that, Denny speaks fluent English so communicating with her is very easy!

Photo Credit: Denny Wulansari

Byan Asaitus


Although caring for children comes naturally to supermom Byan, she got into the childcare services by accident. Byan started out as a temporary nanny after her husband, a driver, recommended her babysitting services to his regular guests. As a mother of two, Byan is an expert when it comes to keeping the kids happy and entertained! It helps that Byan was trained by a pediatrician before she starting babysitting.

She is an excellent swimmer and can speak and understand English perfectly. She offers her services to vacationing families staying in all over the island, including as far as Candidasa in East Bali.

Photo Credit: Byan Asaitus

Chomank Poerwanti

Chomank started out as a private nanny before founding her own babysitting services, Professional Bali Nanny. Chomank offers warm, caring child services to children of all ages. She loves playing games and cuddling with the kids, never leaving them out of her sight like a mother hen.

Chomank is available for either day outings or babysitting at home. She is very friendly and warm especially to the children that’s why she’s one of the most recommended babysitters for hire in Bali.
You can contact Chomank via her Facebook page or her business page :  www.facebook.com/chomank.poerwanti

Bali Smile Baby – Putu Citra

Bali Smile Baby is a professional child care service that offers dedicated, experienced nannies and babysitters. The company will match the best nanny for every client. Of course, the nannies have extensive experience caring for infants, toddlers, and older children. Apart from offering child care services, Bali Smile Baby also offers baby equipment rentals and transport services too.

Get in touch with them: www.facebook.com/balismilebaby.putucitra

Photo Credit: Bali Smile Baby

Ketut Sudarti


Ketut Sudarti is an experienced nanny and babysitter that offers warm, quality care for expats families and holidaying families in Bali. Ketut started out as a freelance nanny before founding the Bali Babysitter – Ketut Nanny. This group is a number of seasoned babysitters, nannies, and childhood educators that offer quality child care services in Bali.

As a nanny, Ketut is all about ensuring that the children are entertained, safe, and happy. She makes sure to engage the children in stimulating activities while the parents get a little time off for themselves. To book Ketut Sudarti, leave her a message here: at www.baliholidaynanny.com/contact

Photo Credit: Ketut Sudarti

Yanti Bali Nanny

Yanti is a freelance nanny who has raised her own children and now will look after yours like they were her own. She’s recommended by tons of families, who use her time and time again. One of our followers says “Yanti was so kind and professional and loving toward my children. She was amazing and I would never use anyone else”.

Hire a Bali Nanny and Have Time to Relax

Hiring a nanny in Bali is a great way to allow yourself some time to relax and enjoy your holiday as well. The kids will love having someone to play with all the time and you can do all the things you dreamed of when you booked your Bali vacation!