Under the same management as the Grand Mirage Resort, Nusa Dua Theatre is the only theatre of its kind in Bali. We went on the first night of our stay at the Grand Mirage to check out Devdan Show: Treasures of the Archipelago, a show about the wonders Indonesia has to offer. I have to admit after 10+ years living in Bali I was not expecting to enjoy what I assumed was a tourist spectacle, but I was excited to go to see a live show in an actual theatre setting. I was also really looking forward the my kids’ reactions to the show. The show starts with a couple of funny skits and with monkeys and tourists but soon gets into a full blown extravaganza of dance, amazing costumes, lighting and effects.


Starting with Bali there are spectacular scenes of Balinese ceremonies, a selection of dances and an amazing Kecak dance with fire and all.

Narrated by a young boy and girl, who also dance in the Devdan Show, the performance is very accessible to younger kids and my son (4) was asking all the time “where are the boy and girl now?”. They pull symbols from different parts of Indonesia out of a treasure chest, which leads to the next scenes.

There are some incredible aerial acrobatics and moments where your heart is in your throat with the feats they perform. There are also magic tricks scattered throughout the show, which the kids thought were amazing.

Devdan show covers Bali, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua, with dances and costumes from each place. There are also some hip-hop fusion dances thrown in that my daughter (8) really loved.

My son fell asleep about an hour into Devdan Show as it had been a big day and that was around 8.30pm, but before that he was totally enthralled. My daughter talked about it all the way back to the hotel and seemed really hyped up by it. My husband, who is Balinese, and I were really impressed by the quality of the show and the dancers and said we would definitely be recommending it to visitors.

If you stay at the Grand Mirage or Samabe Villas & Suites you get a guest price, but there are also great deals on the show to be found with tour guides and on websites like Scoopon and Groupon. Even if you aren’t staying in the area, head down for dinner in Nusa Dua and see this show! You won’t regret it!!

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