Paradiso Ubud is an absolute gem of a space in central Ubud. Boasting to be the world’s first organic vegan cinema, it is actually much more than that. This 150 person capacity venue offers daily movie screenings; everything from kids films, documentaries, short films and tv series. It also hosts yoga and dance classes, workshops, lectures, live music and art exhibitions.

We have spent many a rainy Sunday in their wonderful cinema space on the comfy reclining couches munching on popcorn and delicious vegetarian and vegan goodies from connected Down to Earth. Don’t be put off by the Ubud-ness of how it sounds, they have plenty of amazing things on their menu that kids love. Some of our faves are the potato wedges, Mediterranean platter for sharing and the fabulous smoothies, lassies and juices. Don’t even get me started on the raw chocolate and coconut goodies…

Now all I can think about is the tasty food, but what great fuel it is for all the yoga, dance and other workshops they hold there! We love the regular kids acro-yoga with Noga and have had a great time at workshops like the Bali Circus, which was a special one during the 2nd annual Bali Vegan Festival.

Paradiso is just what so many people have been waiting for in Bali; a place of culture, fun, great food and learning all rolled into one lovely package. They screen films from all over the world, documentaries, and vintage favorites like The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan. It’s a great place to meet interesting people, connect with other families and also just hang out.

Check out the Paradiso website for more info on the location and upcoming events.