Bali Island ATV offers atv bali tours in the stunning Yeh Gangga region of Bali, and they’ve been getting rave reviews on TripAdvisor as a brilliant adventure for all the family. Bali Island ATV is owned and managed by Natalie, a long term Australian expat with a young family herself. Knowing, as a parent, how difficult it can be to find things to do on holiday that are equally fun for both parents and the kids, she’s committed to making sure that her quad bike tours are exactly that.

“This is something you have to do whilst in Bali! We had the best afternoon. Something for everyone. I loved it as did my husband and children. So beautiful and we had so much fun.”  was Renée’s opinion after her recent visit.

Yeh Gangga is about 20 minutes along the coast from Canggu, or 45 minutes from Seminyak. Yet once you get here, you’ll feel a million miles from these tourist hotspots. One of largest areas of uninterrupted rice paddies in Bali, virtually deserted black sand beaches and traditional villages await, allowing you to experience a whole other side of the Island of the Gods. Your tour will include a pick up from your accommodation, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery as you make your way to Yeh Gangga. Once you arrive at base, you’ll be welcomed by Natalie and her team. After fitting you out with helmets, and providing a safety briefing and explanation of how to ride the bikes, you’ll soon be heading out on your adventure.

With a focus on quality, the quad bikes are the best on Bali. Modern, fully automatic and easy to ride they range from 500CC to 700CC. A regular program of maintenance by both on site and visiting international mechanics means you don’t need to have any worries about them breaking down – these are quad bikes you can rely on. The bikes are designed to be ridden either solo or tandem.

Younger children can enjoy the ride sharing a bike with their parents, and older children and teenagers can drive themselves. Safety is paramount of course. If you’re not sure if your children should be riding solo or tandem the team will check out your child’s ability at base.

If needed one of the guides will join the ride as copilot, sitting on the back seat of the bike and ready to help if required.

Now you’re ready for the real fun to begin! Heading out from the base, you’ll enjoy stunning ocean views as you ride along the black sand’s of Yeh Gangga Beach. Take the time to get used to the bike and enjoy the freedom. You may see a lone fisherman by the sea, or strolling along the beach, but apart from that you’re likely to have only yourselves for company on this sublime stretch of paradise. Speeding the bikes through the fresh water streams which run across the beach towards the breaking waves is sure to raise smiles of delight from young and old alike.

Your tour will also take you through the peaceful and evergreen world of the rice paddies. You’ll drive along tracks, used by the local farmers for generations as they head to tend to their precious crops. With conical straw hats to protect them from the sun’s strong rays, methods of farming on these ancestral plots are little changed for hundreds of years. As the breeze gently rustles through the rice stalks, you’ll enjoy the unique sensation of the clam of the landscape combined with the fun and adrenaline of your quad biking adventure.

Yeh Gangga village shows you life in a traditional Balinese village. Take the time to ease off the throttle and soak up life around you such as locals eating and catching up on village news in the many roadside warungs. You’ll also probably see members of this Hindu community making offerings – religious practice is woven into daily life here. Depending upon the length of your tour, you’ll also visit a cliff top panorama point and even a bat cave – a truly mixed adventure. When you arrive back at base, a BBQ sausage sizzle is waiting for you – a great way to relax and discuss your adventure together as a family.

You can book either a one or two-hour tour, in the morning or the afternoon. For a truly magical and memorable experience, a sunset tour can not be beaten. Adventure, adrenaline, sight seeing and a cultural experience all wrapped up in one unbeatable tour the whole family are sure to love!

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