Travelling with your family is one of the greatest joys of life! So if you are able to spare the time and money, packing up a suitcase and your little ones and heading off on an adventure is always a great idea. Of course, travelling with babies or kids does take an awful lot of planning – both in terms of the appropriate place to go and all the things you need to bring with you. You can find good quality baby equipment online to make sure you have all the necessities when heading off with your little ones in tow. In terms of destination planning, here are 5 of the best vacation spots for travelling families!

#1 Bali is Always a Hit

 When travelling with kids, Bali is usually a top hit as a destination! Hannah Black-Wijana, who runs The Bali Family Guide,shares why this is so:

“Bali is an incredible place for a family holiday no matter what kind of trip you’re looking for. You can chill in a resort while the kids splash in the pool and socialise with other kids in a kids club, explore the culture and natural beauty of the island or even have your own private villa to live the luxury life for a little while. Bali has great food, international-standard health services and loads of shopping and entertainment options for parents and kids of all ages.”

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#2 Keep it Local: Take a Tour of Tassie

No one ever said you had to go overseas to have a fantastic family vacation. Why not keep it close to home? Tasmania presents awesome opportunities for hiking, visiting the beach, going on spooky tours and hitting up museums. Perfect for a lying low, chilling out type of holiday. It’s also a great destinations for families that love an active trip.

Go for heaps of walks! Bring along a bike trailer, and take your kids for glorious scenic rides. You may be close to home, but you’ll feel as though you’re in a whole new world.

#3 Head to Gorgeous Barcelona

What could sound like more fun (for mum, dad and the kids) than a memorable holiday in Barcelona, Spain? Andre Arriaza, co-founder of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours explains why Barcelona is a fantastic vacation spot for travellers with children:

“This Mediterranean city boasts fantastic weather all year round. Its beaches have calm waters and playgrounds! There is an overall trend for healthy food, and this includes delicious ice creams and child friendly menus all over the place. Kids also can have the opportunity to learn and have plenty of fun at museums such as Cosmocaixa or Museu Blau, and a thematic park on top of a mountain: Tibidabo that can be reached by an old tramway”

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#4 Take a Wellness Trip/Retreat

Ever wanted to go on a wellness trip or retreat and felt like you can’t because you don’t want to leave your kids at home? Well that is a total misconception and experts from Health and Fitness Travel explain why:

“It may come as a surprise for some, but wellness holidays are a good option for people who are travelling with their children. Not only is it a rewarding experience for you, but it also teaches your kids invaluable lessons for healthy and responsible living. One particular vacation spot is Amatara in Phuket, Thailand. It’s a 5-star retreat, with amenities that will meet the needs of your children as well as yours. Spend some quality wellness time at the spa while your kids are engaged at the kids club. Bond with family activities, like snorkeling, kayaking and cooking classes before unwinding in your private villa for some more intimate family time.”

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#5 Any of The Disneylands/worlds

And finally….. The most magical place on earth. Disney: the quintessential childhood experience. Whether it’s through movies, books, toys, animations and adaptations, your child is bound to be a Disney fan of some capacity. If you have a chance to travel overseas to one of the constantly raved about parks, make sure you take it! There are even Disney cruise lines and other smaller theme parks available. You’re bound to have an amazing holiday, as after all – it is where dreams come true!

So there you have it – 5 awesome destinations that you should consider when planning your next trip, and here are 10 more if you feel like a getaway this winter! Just make sure you are well and truly prepared for the trials and tribulations of travelling with kids, and have packed extremely thoroughly for the next few days or weeks! Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and immerse yourself in adventure.

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