Over the past few years Bali has welcomed thousands of families from around the world. These families are seeking something different to the 9-5 jobs and national curriculums in their children’s schools. A few years ago choices for schooling were slim, but now there are tons of amazing Alternative Schools in Bali to check out.

Bali One Love Homeschool

Founded by veteran teacher Natasha Darrell, Bali One Love Homeschool is a small homeschool in Dalung. Natasha says of her school โ€œIt’s not a job… it’s my lifeโ€. She really is passionate about education and also about having fun!

The kids at Bali One Love get a whole range of experiences from cooking, dressing up, swimming, sewing and tons more. Of course they also take time to write essays, read and discuss world issues. Can you imagine a better way to get a well-rounded education?

Bali Lighthouse Homeschool

Located in Seminyak, Bali Lighthouse Homeschooling highlights the importance of academics as well as other activities. Sports, art, music and cooking are part of the curriculum and often involve children from all grade levels participating together.

The curriculum incorporates innovative teaching methodologies from International Baccalaureate, as well as the Cambridge curriculums to keep the students current with other schools. However, small class sizes encourage students to express themselves, ask questions, and not get lost in the crowd.

TACCE Wood School

Another school located close to Ubud is Wood School in Pejeng. The beautiful campus is surrounded by nature – plants and animals that the children take care of. The curriculum consists of daily lessons in maths, English, social sciences, Indonesian language, fine arts, performing arts, and language arts. It might seem like a lot to fit into a day, but is fun for the children when combined with hands-on experiences.

The Children at TACCE Wood School get plenty of outside time, delicious vegetarian meals and lots of fun extracurricular activities as well.

Alam Atelier

Alam Atelier School was born out of the yearning to extend learning outside the classroom and connect the learner with the natural environment. Large outdoor areas, water, mud, seedbeds and wood working areas encourage kids to use their hands to explore nature.

Alam Atelier is all about creative exploration and purposeful play, for kids from 6 months to 6 years. The school also encourages community and family to join by holding themed playdates, fun educational sessions, BazGym and Kindermusik classes.

The Anak Atelier

The Anak Atelier is an early learning centre in Balangan, Bali that caters to families with children aged 18 months to 6 years. Whether you live in Bali or are passing through, there are programs for your child at this beautiful learning space.

The approach to learning at The Anak Atelier is centered around the hundreds ways and languages children use to learn and communicate. Fun and curiosity lead to creativity that enriches childrenโ€™s learning.

Trihita Alam Eco School

Trihita Alam Eco School is one of the first majority local schools that is aiming for a child-focused, play-based curriculum. This playgroup through elementary school is located in Renon, Denpasar, and children are taught in both Indonesian and English language.

Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace of development through imagination, curiosity, and creativity. Social skills, language arts and numerical skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills are the main part of the curriculum at this school.

Choose Your Perfect Alternative School in Bali

Every child is different and these Alternative Schools in Bali are great for those who don’t fit into the ‘traditional’ schooling system. We hope this post has given you some ideas of schools that your children might thrive in.