Here at Bali Kids Guide we are always looking for the best family accommodation in Bali. And what’s one of the things Bali is famous for? Its fabulous villas of course! You might worry that families with kids are better off staying in a resort, but in fact there are tons of reasons why a villa is perfect for a family holiday. We’ve been checking out Bali Villa Escapes to see the villas they offer that are ideal for families of any size.

   Are Bali Villas Safe for Kids?

Many parents ask us about the safety of staying in a villa in Bali. The worries are generally about the open nature of most Bali villas and the pools being so close to the building. This is definitely a concern, but luckily all of Bali Villa Escape’s villas can have a pool fence installed. You can be sure your little ones have plenty of space to roam, but are safely kept away from the water.

Other parents, and I know this is one of my worries, are concerned about the space between bedrooms. Often Bali villas have bedrooms that are separated by an open-plan area or even garden. Connecting bedrooms are often ideal, but a villa like Villa Aramanis also works perfectly as all the bedrooms are in one area of the villa that can be enclosed. This 4 bedroom villa is great for a larger family or 2 couples with kids holidaying together.

How Will We Cope Without a Kids Club?

You might think without specific kids facilities you will go crazy in a villa, but in fact villas are brilliant for parents who would like to have some time for themselves. The pool is generally the main focus of a kids holiday, and you will have you’re very own pool to splash, swim and play in all day long. Then when the kids are tired out from the pool you have room to hang out, chat, and swim without tip-toeing around or someone having to stay behind in the room while kids nap or when they go to bed. This space to have some adult time really allows you to enjoy your holiday.

Bali Villa Escapes also offers nannies or babysitters to come in and look after the kids in the villa so you can go shopping, have a spa treatment or even have a night out. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Why save up for a holiday all year if you don’t get some time to yourselves?!

Eating is Easy

Have you seen the kitchens in the villas in Bali? You’ll have everything you need to make snacks and meals that don’t cost a fortune. If you have picky kids you can whip up things they like and not worry about having to feed them chicken nuggets and chips for the whole holiday.

However, if you want a holiday from cooking as well, many Bali Villa Escapes villas have their own chefs on staff that will cook for you any time. All are trained to prepare international dishes and can prepare kid-friendly meals for even the pickiest of eaters.

Save the Money

Looking at family rooms at resorts that cost $500-600 a night? You can have a 4 or 5 bedroom villa for this price! If you love to holiday with family or friends, you could be looking at paying a quarter of the price you’d be paying in a resort. For big groups check out Villa Bibi, Villa Ipanema or Villa Daria, all with enough space for 8-10 people. Or have a look at the value of a stunning Canggu villa like Villa Kirgeo.

For families of 3 or 4 a smaller villa is idea and still saves you money. Have a look at gorgeous smaller villas like Villa Ashira in the heart of Seminyak.

Which Area Should I Look for a Villa in?

Some of the best areas to book a villa in are Legian, Seminyak and Canggu. Seminyak has tons of restaurants, plenty of beach, and shopping, spas and entertainment for everyone. Many of Villa Escapes Bali’s villas are within walking distance of shops, restaurants and some are even a short stroll from the beach. You will save money on transport and have everything right at your fingertips.

If you’d like to be in hipster Canggu there are tons of options as well. Canggu Villas tend to have a bit more space around them, gardens and also some fabulous views. Surfers, health and wellness enthusiasts and families who like to keep up with the latests music, food and style trends will love Canggu.


Time to Book a Bali Villa?

Bali Villa Escapes will help you find exactly the right villa for your needs. They have an easy to use website and live chat for immediate replies to your queries. Head to their website search for your perfect Bali Villa now!