The Grand Hyatt Resort Bali is one of the original resorts in Nusa Dua with over 30 years of 5-star service to boast about. How we hadn’t done a full rundown of the resort until now I have no idea! We’ve been through the resort with a fine toothed comb and compiled all our thoughts about every aspect of our stay.

Generally when we do a hotel review it’s just me, my husband and the kiddos. This time we were lucky enough to have my dad with us from the UK so we can give you a grandparent’s opinion as well. After 12ish years of coming to Bali it was his very first time to Nusa Dua!! Read on to get a picture of what a stay at the Grand Hyatt Resort Nusa Dua is all about.

Getting to the Resort & Checking In

The Grand Hyatt Resort is in the main part of the Nusa Dua resort enclave or BTDC.

Taking the toll road from the airport it takes just about 15 – 20 minutes to get to the resort. We drove from Ubud, which took a bit longer. But with the great new underpass at the airport roundabout it’s pretty easy going.

Arriving at the Grand Hyatt the first thing you might notice is that it is a massive resort! I always knew it was big, but holy cow, it’s huge!

There are lotus ponds everywhere you look and fish for the kids to watch while you check in. When we checked in we were given a map, which is definitely necessary at first, and escorted to our rooms. It was quite a hike, but totally worth it when we got there.

The Location

Nusa Dua is one of my favorite places to holiday in Bali. I know it isn’t for everyone. Many families choose to be in the hustle and bustle of Kuta or Legian, but for my family it’s the spot we can just chill.

One nice thing about the Grand Hyatt is its location. For families who want a little more action it still delivers as Bali Collection shopping centre is just across the road. Walking out the the main gates of the resort there are shops, salons, restaurants and just a bit of bustle.

There are also often events at nearby Peninsula Island, like the annual Nusa Dua festival of lights. Families can easily stroll over to take a look.

Our Rooms

With 3 adults and 2 kids in our gang we needed 2 rooms for this stay. 2 Ocean Front Deluxe Rooms were absolutely perfect and had the added bonus (for us, maybe not grandpa) of being interconnecting.

The rooms were really spacious with a king bed and day bed made up into a bed that easily fit both kids.

We were on the ground floor and had sitting spaces in the front of the room facing the beach. There was also tons of grassy space for the kids to run around and play.

I loved the way the bathroom was divided into sections. There’s a shower, bath and sink area, toilet with a sliding door and then a wardrobe/dressing room area. When you don’t have two bathrooms, this is the next best thing.

My photos of the room turned out awful for some reason, but you can see all the room choices on the Hyatt Website

The Layout of the Resort

Like I said, the Grand Hyatt Resort is massive. 600 rooms, 5 pools, 6 restaurants, 3 bars, a shopping gallery, fitness centre, tennis courts, and a spa that might as well be its own hotel massive.

It seems overwhelming at first but we got used to it really fast. However, you really need to think about what you need before you go out.  It’s a long walk back to grab the water wings or sunscreen if you forget them.

The main pool and river pool (where the big slide is) are right next to each other and there are tons of chairs around both. There is also hot spa pool with plunge pool next to it, which the kids challenged each other to get in over and over. The other pools are more adult friendly so we stayed around the main and river pools.

The restaurants are scattered around the resort, but strolling through the gardens in the evening to dinner is lovely. It’s also wonderful to stroll along the beach and even borrow a bicycle to cruise along the beach path.

Kids Facilities

What would a holiday to Bali be if you had to entertain your kids every moment of the day. May as well stay home right?

Thankfully the Grand Hyatt has you covered with a newly renovated kids club. Not to mention water slides, babysitters, a playground on the beach, and kids spa treatments.

The kids club at Grand Hyatt is bright and spacious with a fenced garden area outside and wonderful staff. Fun activities like crafting, cooking, movie time and learning about Balinese culture keep kids busy all day long. Even our almost 11 year old daughter who is over most kids clubs had a great time.

You can book kids in for a full day Rp495,000++ – 9am-6pm or half days or half days Rp 315,000++ – 10am-2pm (with lunch) or 2pm-6pm (with evening snacks).

The kids club accepts kids from 3-12 years and just note there is no option for kids under 3 to go with a nanny. Some people have mentioned they didn’t use the kids club much because of having to pay. It does add up but I think it’s a great option for days you really want some adult time.


Many resorts have a large variety of restaurants but don’t really do any cuisine that well. The Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua is a great example of a resort that excels in every cuisine.

The first night we ate at Pasar Senggol, which is a cultural buffet of Balinese and Indonesian dishes with a show and market. We live in Bali and have been to plenty of cultural dinners and performances. However, I can honestly say this was beautifully set and the food was excellent.

Breakfast didn’t disappoint either, and as an extra special treat we had lunch at Garden Cafe while the kids were at the kids club. A childless meal?? Yes! The food was delicious, varied, and there was plenty of it. We had Indian biriyani, a mozzarella tomato panini, and ribs. Each dish was as good as the other.

Despite still being stuffed from breakfast and lunch, we had to give the poolside restaurant Salsa Verde a try as well. We did however, opt for lighter salads. Of course the kids still went whole hog with fish and chips and the most incredible desserts.

As with most Nusa Dua resorts, the prices aren’t the cheapest. But for the quality and portion size at all the restaurants in the resort, we were seriously impressed.

Kriya Spa

On the 2nd day of our stay my daughter (Lola, 11) and I walked to Kriya Spa where we had an appointment for some mum & daughter time. Arriving at the spa I was blown away. It was like a whole other hotel within the resort! Gorgeous water features, bridges, and comfy loungers created a total oasis of calm. And this is all before we saw our spa villa… Wow!

We got changed into our totally adorable matching robes and were started off with a relaxing foot bath. I then had a 1-hour Balinese massage and Lola had a 30-minute massage (with chocolate oil no less) followed by a 30-minute facial.

The spa therapists were amazing and very gentle and good about making sure Lola was 100% comfortable. As you can see by the pics, she’s pretty relaxed.

We came out feeling wonderfully refreshed, spoiled, and Lola’s skin looked even more glowing than usual. One thing we absolutely loved was the bracelets we were given afterwards. They have ceramic bead that was dripped with the oils that had been used in our massages so we could smell the scent for hours after.

We were served a lovely spicy tea in the lounge and floated off back down to reality and the boys for dinner. It was 100% an experience we loved and will remember as special time together.

Is there anything bad about the Grand Hyatt Resort?

In a word, no. We all LOVED this resort and highly recommend it. The atmosphere was wonderful, the staff helpful and charming without being forced, and the activities perfect for families. The resort really reflects Bali and has stayed true to the landscape and culture. The kids had a great time, we got some adult time, and my father wants to go back immediately. We can’t say enough good things about this resort basically.

Have you stayed at the Grand Hyatt? We’d love to know your opinions of it as well so leave us a comment!

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