ensiklomusika show the bali family guide

Ensiklomusika music school has branches in Bali and Jakarta. They run programs for children from 15 months where your children can benefit from music lessons before they can even talk.

This year for the first time in Bali they will also be running summer classes. Keep your kids stimulated and having fun all through their long school break! More details about these June and July programs as well as a registration form are available HERE.

Read on to learn more about the available classes and age groups.

ensiklomusika piano the bali family guide

 Mini Melody Group Class (15m to 3y)

ensiklomusika group the bali family guide

This toddler music class is designed for children between 15 months to 3 years old. It offers toddlers the stimulation of music as a strong foundation in music and dance. It encourages children to seek love and create beauty in life.

Lessons are presented with activities that are exciting for them. Dancing, singing, story telling with story books and plush toys, playing instruments, and even visual art are part of the lessons. Children will be stimulated, which is a vital part of their growth.

One parent (or caretaker) is required to attend the class with the toddler and actively follow the class. The adults’ involvement helps toddlers learn not only by following the teacher, but also by looking, listening and experiencing people around them making music.

Instrument Classes (4y and up)

ensiklomusika piano lesson the bali family guide

From four years old children can learn to play piano, guitar, violin or vocal skills in a one on one class. Ensiklomusika uses the Little Mozart method for 4-6 year olds This enables them to learn in a fun environment, with two plushy toys: Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear.
Instrument classes can be booked in advance for 30 or 60 minute lessons.

Ensiklomusika Music School works with the British ABRSM exam (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) to provide globally-recognised music certificate for their students.

If you’d like more information check out the Ensiklomusika website or Facebook page.