Are you planning a trip to Bali with kids? It might seem daunting, but there are so many things to do there is no need to worry! Bali is so kid-friendly it’s impossible to get bored. But, just in case you run out of ideas, here are 50 things to do in Bali with Kids!

  1. Spend the day at Waterbom

How could we not have Waterbom as number 1 on this list? Everyone loves this water park and spending at least a day there is a must when you’re in Bali with kids. Rain or shine there is tons to do, from terrifying slides to the chilled lazy river.

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  1. Hit a beachclub

Beachclubs have popped up like weeds all over Bali so there are tons to choose from. Some are much more family-friendly than others though so make sure to choose one you’ll be comfortable spashing and making noise. Our faves with kids are Artotel Beach Club, Sundays, and Komune.

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  1. Wake board at Bali Wake Park

But I’ve never wake boarded you say! It doesn’t matter, even first-timers are welcome at Bali Wake Park. Try wake boarding or knee boarding or just watch from the infinity pool with a cold drink.

Bali Wake Park

  1. Bounce around at Aqua Land

Also located at Bali Wake Park, Aqua Land, is the largest inflatable Aqua Park in Asia. Kids (6+) and adults will love this inflatable obstacle course that will make you crack up laughing.

  1. Eat chocolate

There are a number of chocolate factories around Bali thanks to the availability of the cacao fruit. At most of them you can see the process of making chocolate and have a taste. At a couple there are also hands on workshops where you can make chocolate of your own. Kids and adults will love getting messy and licking all the sweet goodness off their fingers as they learn. 

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  1. Take an ATV Tour

Kids from 6 years up can go along on the many quad bike tours in Bali. The best ones are out away from main roads and tourist spots. Aussie Bali Adventures, and Bali Island ATV are 2 of our favorites as you get a great run along a stretch of quiet beach.

  1. Learn to surf

The surf in Bali is perfect for any level from beginners to pros. Kuta, Legian and Seminyak have the best waves for beginners and there are tons of schools to choose from.

Send us an email if you want some recommendations of great surf instructors for kids

  1. Swing from the trees at Bali Treetop Adventure

In the mountains of Bedugul is Bali’s botanical garden where Bali Treetop Adventure offers fun and challenge for the whole family. 7 circuits with 72 exciting challenges cater to adventurers from age 4 up.

  1. Take a cooking class

Cooking classes are a fantastic way to learn a little about Balinese culture and tastes. Most classes offer a morning trip to a traditional market to buy produce and then transport back to the kitchen to whip up some delicious dishes. Of course you also get to chow down on all the tasty things you cook. Just make sure the spice levels are kid-friendly because the Balinese often like fiery foods.

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  1. Go to a yoga class

Yogis from all over the world come to Bali to practice in the many studios and retreat centres that have popped up over the past 10 years or so. Most don’t cater to little ones, but the places that do are doing it right. Ubud Yoga Centre is a great place to get your kids started on their own yoga journey.

  1. Make batik

Batik is seen wherever you go in Bali and you don’t have to just shop for it. You can also make your own. There are a number of classes around Ubud but also in the Tophati area of Denpasar. The most famous ones are Batik Popiler and Batik Bidadari, both of which have large showrooms and workshops behind where you can learn to make beautiful batik patterns.

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  1. Explore Dream Museum Zone 3D Museum

If you have a couple of hours to spare or it’s a rainy day, DMZ is ideal. This interactive museum lets you take fantastic photos of the whole family being snapped at by sharks, crossing perilous bridges, and plenty more crazy situations.

  1. Take part in a turtle release

Bali Sea Turtle Society is a non-profit conservation agency dedicated to saving Bali’s sea turtles. They run a Kuta Beach conservation centre, which you can visit in front of the Grand Inna Kuta. Turtle releases are usually from July-September but you can visit to their Facebook or Instagram to find out when they are happening.

  1. Play all day at Splash Water Park

Part of the massive Finn’s Recreation Club, Splash Water Park is a Canggu favorite. It’s not as big or impressive as Waterbom but it is very younger kid friendly and the lines for slides are generally much shorter than Waterbom. You can get passes just for Splash or Family Fun Day passes that include Cubby House Kids Club, Strike Bowling, Bounce Trampoline Centre as well.

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  1. Hang out at Blue Bear

Blue Bear is what Ubud has needed for so long for families. This great skate park/restaurant/education centre/lots of other things is ideal for family hangs. The owner and staff are amazing, it’s a lovely space and they also have skateboarding lessons and regular music performances.

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  1. Be a pirate for the day at Pirates Bay

Do your kids love to climb, run and shout Ahoy Matey? The Pirates Bay is a restaurant and play area designed especially for kids. Food is served in treehouses where squirrels skitter up for your chips and there are swings, climbing ropes and of course a huge pirate ship to play on. The beach is right out the front of the restaurant and you can shower there after you’ve been for a swim.

What to Expect at Pirates Bay

  1. Visit the Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the most famous attractions on the island. It’s a sacred forest where the monkeys roam free amongst temples and statues. If you are concerned about being bitten (and this does happen from time to time) let others feed the monkeys and don’t hold anything they might want to steal from you.

  1. See the butterflies at Taman Kupu Kupu

There are few butterfly parks in Bali but the one in Tabanan is our favorite. It’s small and doesn’t take long to get through but the staff are very knowledgeable and there are some beautiful butterflies, moths and other insects to hold and learn about. Combine this with a trip to Jatiluwih rice terraces for a lovely day out.

  1. Visit Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most important directional temples. It’s located on the southwest coast just around 20 minutes out of Canggu. Famous for its iconic rock formations and incredible sunset views, this is a very popular tourist attraction.

Kids love searching the rock pools for little critters and splashing about in.

Book return transfers to Tanah Lot or a alternatively a Sunset Tour of the temple and grounds privately or with a group. 

  1. Watch a Kecak Dance at Uluwatu

One of the most iconic Balinese sights is a Kecak dance. This chanting dance performed by a circle of men around a fire is mesmerizing. There are plenty of places to watch this dance but the backdrop of the sun setting past Uluwatu temple is truly breathtaking.

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  1. Walk the Campuhan Ridge 

Ubud may be a busy town now but it’s simple and quick to get out of the hustle and bustle and see the natural scenery. Just a few minutes walk from the centre of town you’ll find the Campuhan ridge walk where the lush jungle, rice terrace, and river valley meet. This is an easy walk and kids are fine as long as you keep hold of them at the more precarious parts.

  1. Have a spa treatment

Whether you want a spa treatment to get away from the kids, or feel like giving them a bit of pampering too, there are endless spa choices in Bali. Ubud is known for its great for spas but there are tons of kid-friendly spas in Legian, Seminyak, Kuta and Nusa Dua.

Check out our best spa recommendations from the Bali Family Guide community

  1. Go snorkeling

Kids can snorkel from any age, even those that can’t yet swim can wear a floatation vest to keep them buoyant. Amed and Pemuteran have always been our favorite places to snorkel with kids because of the calmer waters and ease of entrance from the beach.

Read more about snorkeling with kids in Amed

  1. Visit the birds at Bali Bird Park

I can’t even count how many times we’ve been to Bali Bird Park and the kids still want to go back again. This is a really beautiful and well-organized attraction with gorgeous birds to see and interact with. The bird shows are great, the grounds lovely, and there are lots of photo opportunities with bright coloured birds.

Bali Bird Park is around 20 minutes south of Ubud – Read more: Bali Bird Park

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  1. Hit the river for some rafting or tubing

If you like a bit of a thrill ride rafting or tubing is for you. There are lots of rafting companies in Bali with a concentration of them around the Ayung River area close to Ubud. Check with the rafting company you choose about minimum age, as they tend to vary. Also make sure the safety gear is up to scratch and the rapids are manageable for the kids before you go.

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  1. Eat Ice Cream

It’s a good thing holiday calories don’t count because there are so many amazing ice cream and gelato shops in Bali these days. Our very favorites are Gelato Secrets, Gaya Gelato, XOXO, Mad Pops and Massimo. I could list a lot more but I’ll let you discover your favorites.

  1. Turn Upside Down

Want some really cool family photos? Upside Down World is great for a laugh and the kids will absolutely love the resulting photos. Located on the bypass close to Kuta and Seminyak, it’s easy to grab a taxi here for a couple of hours of fun. This is another fantastic rainy day place to play. 

Upside Down World on Facebook

  1. Spend the day at a resort

If you aren’t staying in a resort, or want to try a different one out for a day, there are lots of day pass options available. Some even include food and drinks, kids club and discounts around the resort. We have a whole blog about the subject if you want more info.

 10 Resorts You Can Visit with a Day Pass

  1. Swim with sharks

Another chance for a thrill is Bali Sharks conservation nursery. You can swim with the young sharks here or just feed them if you aren’t feeling brave. The staff will teach you all about the sharks and conservation efforts and there is also the chance to visit the Turtle Conservation and Education Center as well.

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  1. Walk to the Water Blow in Nusa Dua

Most people don’t go very far when they are staying in a resort in Nusa Dua but a walk or cycle to the Water Blow is a great family activity. It’s only a short walk out to this blow hole on peninsula island and the kids will love the way the water rockets into the sky through the volcanic rock.

  1. See the Devdan Show

Another great Nusa Dua attraction is Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre. This dance, circus, and music extravaganza had my kids absolutely riveted to their seats. And the adults were surprisingly impressed by the performance as well.

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  1. Visit Made’s Warung Berawa (formerly The Joglo)

Canggu has become more and more family friendly over the past couple of years with additions like Made’s Warung Berawa. This restaurant/playground is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner with kids. They can play in a safe environment and there are even events like open-air movies and crafting on the schedule.

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  1. Take the kids to Peekaboo

If your little ones need to get some energy out or a rainy season downpour is keeping you in, Peekaboo is a great option. One the bypass in Sanur, this is an indoor/outdoor play centre suitable for kids under 10. There are lots of things to do, and a small café for parents to relax in as well.

  1. Ride a bike in Sanur

Sanur’s promenade is one of the best things about the area. In the morning and evening the beachside path is busy with families out on bikes and walking in the cooler air. It’s also nice to stop along the way for a drink or even a dip in the sea. You can rent bikes from one of the many stands along the path.

  1. Learn to dive

Most people don’t realize, but kids can start scuba diving from age 12. There are lots of places to do an introductory course where you and your kids can get used to diving in the contained environment of a pool before going out into open water. Padang Bai, Candidasa, Amed and Tulamben on the east coast are the best places to look for beginner dive courses.

  1. Make offerings

When you’re in Bali you’ll see offerings just about everywhere: on the streets, cars, motorbikes, and in temples. If you’d like to know more about them and also learn to make a few different kinds there are lessons you can take. It’s a very relaxing and fun way to learn a little about Balinese Hinduism. We love the class at Pondok Pekak Library in Ubud.

  1. Carve some fruit 

Another fun class to take is fruit carving. The Balinese are incredibly skilled at carving just about anything and fruit and veg is no exception. Used for decoration, intricately carved watermelons, mangos, carrots, and just about anything else you can imagine are bot beautiful and eco-friendly. You can do this at a number of hotels but we like the class at Pondok Pekak.

  1. Find a quiet beach 

If you want to get away from the crowds for a quiet beach day, Pasir Putih or Virgin Beach is idyllic. This beach is around 1.5 – 2 hours drive from Kuta just past Candidasa on Bali’s east coast. It’s down a bumpy track in the village of Bug-bug and is backed by a lovely coconut grove. The current can be pretty strong but the sand is soft and kids love splashing in the shallows.

  1. Go on a dolphin tour

I don’t usually recommend animal activities but taking a boat trip out to see the dolphins in Lovina is pretty wonderful. You’ll need to book and get up around sunrise for the best views and chance of cruising alongside pods of dolphins.

  1. Learn Balinese Dance

Balinese dance is both unique and iconic. If you’ve ever seen Balinese dance you’ll know there are tiny, controlled movements that take years for dancers to learn. However, it’s fun to learn some basics in a dance class. Lots of hotels and resorts offer Balinese dance classes or if you’re in Ubud you can join a class at ARMA or Pondok Pekak Library. 

  1. Learn Mepantigan

Mepantigan is a unique Balinese martial art that combines dance, performance and fighting. You can learn Mepantigan in Batubulan at Mepantigan Bali where the instructors will teach you techniques and the ceremony surrounding the art. You’ll also get to practice in their mud pit, which is the really fun part!

  1. Take a cycling tour

There are tons of cycling tours in Bali that take you through villages and show you a bit of Bali life. Most tours are downhill and many accommodate kids in baby seats or on their own smaller bikes. The majority of tours start with pick-up and breakfast before heading from Mount Batur or Kintamani down to Ubud.

  1. Have a family brunch

There are so many places to have an amazing family brunch in Bali. Every budget is catered to, from a chilled social gathering at the Joglo in Canggu, an Italian feast with fun and games at Prego in Nusa Dua, to endless gourmet buffets at the Kempinski, W Seminyak or Mulia Nusa Dua.

Have an Indulgent Sunday Brunch in Bali

  1. Shop in the markets

The bustling markets of Bali are great places to take in some culture, work on your haggling skills and grab a bargain. There are traditional markets and more touristy ones as well so have a roam around and see which you like. Sukawati, Ubud, and Kuta art market are some of the most popular for tourists.

  1. Visit the Elephant Cave

Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave is an ancient archaeological site close to Ubud. Thought to date from the 11th century, this cave, which features a beautifully carved face and open mouth, was probably a sanctuary for prayer and meditation. You can visit the cave and walk around the bathing pools and shrines.

  1. Take a dip in holy water

Not far from Goa Gajah is the sacred temple and purifying pools of Tirta Empul. This is where Balinese Hindus come to pray and purify themselves in the holy water. Visitors are welcomed to also cleanse themselves in the springs but must be dressed appropriately. Take a change of clothes because you will have to go in the water in a sarong and t-shirt or vest. Kids love being able to get in the water in their clothes and also the huge koi fish in the pond by the temple.

  1. Run free at Bali Fun World

Another fantastic place for playing on a rainy day is Bali Fun World. It’s only about 10 minutes out of Ubud and is full of bouncy castles, slides, ball pits and things to climb. Kids of any age love it here and can run wild as everything is enclosed.

  1. Eat!

There are so many kid-friendly cafes and restaurants it’s crazy. From a kids high tea at Biku, smoothie bowls galore at Kynd, to magical sweets at Unicorn Café by Brie and everything in between, there are a million and one options for feeding and entertaining kiddos.

  1. Get a babysitter

Ok this isn’t strictly something to do with kids, but ask anyone, the babysitters and nannies in Bali are amazing! Your kids will actually love to have a few hours with someone that isn’t you because they will be constantly entertained. You need a holiday too afterall.

Here’s our list of recommended nannies in Bali

  1. Make friends

 Remember before there were holiday romances there were holiday friendships. Resorts and hotels are fantastic for making friends by the pool or in the kids club. Some of these friendships are fleeting but some last a lifetime. They also free up parents for some cocktail hour time.