After posting of a list of 50 amazing things to do with kids in Bali, I thought of 25 more! Now you have 75 things to do to make your Bali holiday the best time ever!

1. Play at Parklife

Parklife is an indoor/outdoor play area with gorgeous rice field views, a great cafe and also daycare and playschool options. It’s a great spot for hangs any time of day, but especially when the sun starts to set behind the fields and the whole place takes on a golden glow. There are also happy hour options for parents and movies for the kiddos.

art kids bali

2. Art Kids Bali

Art Kids Bali is an art workshop in Kuta specifically for kids. They offer arts and crafts classes, Balinese dancing, cooking, face and nail painting and tons more for kids of all ages. You can book online on their website and find discounts there as well. This is an especially good spot to have p your sleeve for rainy days.

3. Learn to Throw Axes

Ummmm yep, you read that right. Motherhuckers is an axe-throwing arena and bar on Jl. Batu Belig. It may sound like a terrible place to take kids but actually the staff are well versed in axe-throwing safety and are great teachers. Definitely a unique experience for families.

4. Family Photo Shoot

Have you been talking about having a family photoshoot but never get round to it? Bali is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours prancing on the beach or in the ricefields and capturing it on film. There are loads of great photo companies on the island and their prices are really reasonable. Also, you’ll all look glowing and healthy with a bit of Bali sunshine and holiday happiness.

klook bali jeep tour

5. Jeep Tour

Get up early and head into the mountains on a jeep tour of Mount Batur and Kintamani. You’ll get to see parts of the island you’ve never seen before when you head offroad into the forests and lava fields of the area. It’s a long day, so maybe not the best for small children but it’s a great day out for those a little older and up for adventures.

Book a Jeep Tour HERE

6. Kite flying

Kite flying is one of the obsessions of the Balinese in the dry season (approximately April-October). During these months you’ll see boys and girls flying everything from teeny kites made of paper and plastic bags to the enormous fighting kites that take a half a village to control. You can buy kites at loads of little stalls in and around Sanur and around the island. Take the kids to the beach or out in the ricefields and enjoy!

gamelan lessons bali

7. Gamelan lessons

If you’ve spent any time in Bali you will have heard the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the local gamelan orchestras. The sound is iconic on the island and has been used for ceremonies, dances and other events for decades. Learning to play a little is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the culture of Bali and it’s also really fun too.

Gamelan lessons are offered at some resorts but we love the teachers and setting of Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre in Ubud.

8. Swim in a waterfall

Have you really been to Bali if you don’t have photos of yourself swimming in a waterfall? While some of the most Instagrammable waterfalls are tough to get to with kids, there are some that are accessible. Try heading to Tegunungan, Kanto Lamp, or Gitgit if you’re worried about long treks or very steep steps.

9. Join a beach cleanup

Bali’s beaches are beautiful but definitely need a helping hand sometimes when it comes to the trash that washes up on them. There are government schemes, but to be honest what is needed is people power. There are plenty of independent groups doing their bit to beautify Bali’s beaches, so why not join in and lend a hand. Check out groups like Trash Hero Canggu and other Trash Hero groups that run regular cleanups.

Villa Kitty Bali Kids Guide
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10. Visit Villa Kitty

If you love cats you can’t miss a trip to Villa Kitty in Ubud. This is a non-profit organization that has been saving Bali’s neglected cats since 2009. Their shelter and clinic in Ubud is full to bursting with gorgeous kitties dying for some love and attention. You can spend some time with the cats there or If you’re staying in Bali a while you could even foster to lighten the load a little.

11. Make your horse riding dreams come true

Have you ever dreamt of riding a horse along a wide stretch of quiet beach, splashing through the surf? Salty Cowboy is a stable at Kedungu Beach, Canggu that can make this dream come true. All levels of riders are welcome, even true beginners.

12. Take a hot air balloon ride

There is only one place in Bali to find this experience, the beautiful Chedi Club Tanah Gajah just outside Ubud. It’s also not a cheap day out but could be that once-in-a-lifetime family expereince that makes your Bali holiday one to remember forever.

To get the best price you can book a package that includes either breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner HERE

Klook Bali swing bali kids guide

13. Do the Bali swing thing

I know everyone seems to be doing the Bali swing thing for Instagram. It’s become a little tiring seeing all the photos but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. There are lots to choose from around Ubud and Tegalalang, some more popular than others so you may have to queue.

Here are a couple of packages you can book online:

Bali Swing in Ubud

Uma Pakel Swing

14. Segway at GWK

If you haven’t been to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, it’s time to check it out. This 60 hectare area located in Ungasan on the way to Uluwatu. You can take a segway ride around the park to see the impressive 120 metre tall statue of the God Vishnu riding the great Garuda.

15. Visit Taman Nusa

Taman Nusa doesn’t get half enough attention with foreign tourists. It’s a really cultural park with 60 traditional Indonesian buildings from all over the archipelago set on 10 hectares of land. There are examples of traditional arts and crafts being made and dances are presented for guests. It is a bit of a hike around the whole place so if you have a toddler definitely take a stroller.

Klook bali tubing16. Go canyon tubing

If your kids are a bit older (7+) you can head out to Karangasem for tubing on the Unda River. The scenery here is lush and green with little development. Find out more about this adventure or book directly Tukad Unda Tubing

17. Rent a kayak on Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is one of the most family friendly in Bali. The sand is soft and white and the sea shallow and calm thanks to the reef that protects the coastline here. Its a great spot to rent a kayak or paddle board and enjoy the sea.

18. Try out an escape room

Escape rooms have become popular all over the world and Bali is no different. There are 3 escape room experiences to try out – Pandora in Kuta, Escape Room Bali on Sunset Road and Totem in Seminyak. These are fun on a rainy day.

Temega Tree House Bali

19. Temega Tree House

For a unique experience Rumah Pohon Temega, or Temega Tree House, is a fantastic spot. This is a five-story tree house in Karangasem, East Bali. There are several buildings connected by suspension bridges, which it goes without saying, that you need to be very careful with kids on. There is also a restaurant and views for miles.

20. Helicopter Ride

Now this could be the icing on your Bali cake. How about getting the ultimate view of the Island of The Gods from a Gods’ eye viewpoint. Helicopter rides are pricey but for a very special occasion might just be the perfect family activity. Air Bali and Mason Sky Tours both offer various tour packages.