What do you look for when you’re booking a hotel in Bali? Is it the size of the rooms, the location, the food options, the pool or the kids club? It could be a bit of all of these things… We recently stayed the night at FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak and want to tell you all about it.

Location of FuramaXclusive

First of all, as I may have hinted in the title, the location is amazing. I’ve always been a fan of the Padma – Double 6 stretch of beach and FuramaXclusive looks right out on Double 6 and is an easy stroll to Padma. From the airport it takes about 30 minutes to get to the hotel, but as everywhere in Bali, this depends on traffic.

5 steps across the road and your toes are in the sand. There are beach bars, surf schools, and deck chairs galore. You’re surrounded by shops and can easily walk up to Jl. Raya Legian to spend, spend, spend.

The Resort Layout & Suites

FuramaXclusive is quite an imposing structure. Itโ€™s one of the largest hotels on Double Six right now, but there are a couple more being built. The hotel has 116 suites including Studios, One-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and Penthouse Suites. The layout of the rooms is interesting as they stick out on their own โ€˜branchesโ€™ from a central courtyard/elevator area. This means that each suite is quite private despite having huge windows throughout.

We stayed in a 2-bedroom suite, which was absolutely huge with its own small kitchen, dining area, living room and 2 bathrooms. It also had an outdoor seating and dining area that was really lovely and breezy as we were on the 3rd floor.  

If I had to add a con about the room I would say it needs a little smartening up. The white pleather couches are dated, the sheets not as crisp as they once might have been, and the TVs are pretty bad quality. There was also no shampoo or conditioner in the room and the soaps left more residue on you than they took off. These are some of the little touches that really make the difference for me. Saying that, we were on the beach, in the pool or playing in the kids club most of the time. The room cons were pretty inconsequential.

These are some of the little touches that really make the difference for me. Saying that, we were out on the beach, in the pool or playing in the kids club most of the time so the room cons were pretty inconsequential.

Kids Facilities – Waka Waka Kids Club

The really exciting thing about the hotel is Waka Waka Kids Club, which opened in September 2019. Waka Waka is a pirate-themed indoor playground for kids aged 9 months to 14 years. Little ones have to be supervised at all times but kids 6+ can play alone. The daily rate for Waka Waka is Rp150,000 and in-house guests get a 10% discount. You have to wear socks, but they have them to buy for Rp20,000 if you forget.

My kids (7 & 11) played for hours at Waka-Waka and our friends that visited (4 & 8) felt the same. They did the obstacle course, bounced on the trampolines, played hide and seek and ran around for ages being rowdy. It was great!

The only thing I questioned was that the staff member in Waka-Waka disappeared not long after we arrived. She was nowhere to be seen when we left. We were sitting outside so it didn’t really matter, but I wondered if there should be someone inside watching what they are up to. Maybe there would have been had there been more kids playing.

The Pool Area

The pool area is a sort of zig-zag shape that follows the lines of the reception and pub/restaurant area at street level. There are loungers around it and a water play area for kids to the front by the terrace restaurant.

The one complaint about this pool I’ve heard lots of is that the whole pool is 1.65m. This is too deep for many people to stand with their heads above water so you end up treading water. With kids who can’t swim it’s pretty impossible to relax.

They can be in the play area but that means sitting in an inch of water or being splashed by the bucket or at the bottom of the slide every time someone comes down it. My kids both swim so it wasn’t really a problem, but I can see how it would be annoying.

Eating at FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach

We only stayed one night but we did have the chance to have dinner and breakfast at FuramaXclusive. There are 2 restaurants at the hotel, The Deck and The Barrell Pub & Grill. We chose The Deck because the Rugby World Cup was on while we were there so The Barrell was busy. The Deck also has lovely views over the beach.

We happened to be there on Seafood BBQ night, which is every Saturday from 7pm – 10pm. Unfortunately for us the kids and I don’t really eat much seafood so choices were pretty slim. There were 4 dishes and a pretty sad looking salad selection. We ended up eating some gado-gado and noodles. My husband ate a ton of shrimp though, so he was happy. The price is great though – Rp185,000 all you can eat with one non-alcoholic drink.

Breakfast was more of a success, as long as there is decent toast, pancakes, waffles, and donuts we’re good. It’s really nice being able to eat out on the deck in the morning. There is always a nice sea breeze and the sound of the waves.

Even though we only stayed one night at FuramaXclusive we got a feel for the hotel. It’s not a massive resort with tons of to do, but it is very comfortable and in an amazing location. I’d say if you’re a family that really likes exploring and being busy on holiday this is a perfect choice. The rooms are great to come back to, the sunset views from the deck are great, and the pool is perfect for a cooling dip. If you’re looking for somewhere with absolutely everything you need within the hotel, you’re better off staying at a larger resort.

If you would rather spend your money on going out, shopping, and activities than a super-luxury stay this is a great hotel for around $100 (AUD) a night.

To find out more about FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach, check out their website