If you’ve been to Canggu recently you will have seen a massive increase in cool restaurants, villas, bars and hotels. And if you haven’t been, you’re probably hearing a whole lot more about it. What was once a hidden surfer spot has quickly become Bali’s most sought-after destination for holidays and longer stays. And this is not only for the young and travel adventurous; families are also finding Canggu more and more appealing as well.

Family-friendly places to eat and play have popped up with the influx of families to the area and one of our favorites is Tamora Gallery. Stage 1 of Tamora Gallery opened in June 2018 and it has been evolving and getting better and better ever since.

The Playground

The main attraction for the kids is the awesome playground complete with grassy hill to roll down, a climbing tower, slide, roundabout, and monkey bars. It’s safe, beautifully designed and open enough for parents to watch kids from just about any angle.

It’s free to play in the playground but make sure to bring your wallet because The Creamery, an ice cream shop serving up incredible handmade treats, is just next to the playground. Don’t worry though, if you want to make sure the kids have something healthy to eat first there are plenty of options. Miss Ibu, Shmurger Burger, Lyfe in Bali, and Ink all offer something for the kids.

Kids Sundays

One of the highlights of the week at Tamora Gallery is the Kids Sunday. Every Sunday from 9.30am families are welcomed to play, take part in educational and creative activities and enjoy a fun social day. There are varied workshops, crafts, performances, and live music every week to keep parents and kids entertained all day long.

You’ll also find great holiday activities that you might be missing out on if you’re away from home. You can get in the Christmas spirit, dress up for Halloween, join Easter egg hunts and more at Tamora Gallery. Just keep an eye on their Instagram feed and Facebook page for all the great events coming up.

There really isn’t anything else like Tamora Gallery in Bali. It’s an all-rounder, shopping, food, a social scene and somewhere parents can really relax and let the kids be kids. Stop in for a treat on the way back from the beach, spend a fun Sunday with friends, or pop in during the week for a bite to eat. There isn’t a more convenient, welcoming, and chilled out spot in all of Bali.